Friday, 29 January 2016

School organisation tips!


School is one of those places where if you try your best to keep organised it actually pays off. However, as we probably all know it's actually quite hard to keep organised all the time, so hopefully these tips will help you keep as organised as possible.

1. Always make sure that your bag is packed for school the night before.

Getting all your books and equipment ready the night before is a big help as it means that in the morning you don't have to rush around as much. Also if you do it the night before it means you are less likely to forget something, since you aren't as tired, and more prepared.

2. Have a notebook or planner to write down homework and other important events.

If your school hasn't already supplied you with a planner, get a notebook or something like that to write down any special events or any homework you get down. This will help you a lot as it means you know exactly what homework you have and you don't have to do it by memory. It also means that's you are less likely to forget about homework as well. Writing down the day it's due is also a very helpful thing to do as well.

3. Do your Homework the night it's set.

Although it's tempting not to, doing your homework the night it's set is a really helpful thing to do as it means it's all out of the way. It also means you are less likely going to forget to do homework too! Also don't forget that if you do the homework the night it's set it means you can just spend your weekend and holidays relaxing and doing what you want to do, instead of doing boring homework.

So those are some tips to help you keep organised. If you have any other tips or want even more tips comment down below! I'll see you guys next week!



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