Monday, 25 April 2016

Beauty School Essentials - Part 1

Welcome to another blog post.😊 Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and a lovely week to come. ❤ For today's blog post I'm going to do Beauty School Essentials Part 1. I'm only going to do a few though because otherwise I'll be rambling for too long and you may get bored. Hence why I'm doing it in two parts. Also some of the stuff here I won't actually use because either I'm not allowed or don't need to use it. Anyway, lets start!
1. Impulse Spray
I think its a necessity to have a spray on you all the time because If you've just had PE then you may not smell very delightful and may want to have a quick spritz. I normally have a impulse spray but recently because Impulse sprays aren't very long lasting then you may want to have a perfume or a stronger body mist such as the Miss Pink Fragrance by Next, (haha I've talked about this so much.)
2. Hand Sanitizer
You should always have a hand sanitizer on you it is absolute necessity. You never know I class when you might innocently be putting your hand at the end of the table and then you feel that disgusting gooey and need to instantly cleanse your hands, well their you go! Or when their are those girls who just wont budge whilst doing their makeup in the toilets who block the sink and HORRIBLY not letting you get through. Ugh!!  
3. Hairbrush
It is a necessity for life to be honest. I don't use normal hairbrush's like Tangle Teezers (they are very good I've heard lots of good reviews.) They are useful for when you just had PE and you're hair is looking scruffy or when you just want a touch-up. I don't what the brand is or how to describe it but, it has soft bristles because I have hair extensions.
4. Dry Shampoo
Know it may sound incredibly disgusting but because I have extensions I don't wash my hear often because the extensions protect it from getting that dirty. I would recommend Batiste because there a very well known brand and they are very affordable with lovely scents.
5. Manicure Set/Nail file
This isn't an essential-essential but I think everyone should have one. You never know when you're nails may be looking exceptionally vd and you may want to touch them up. Well that's what I do anyway. Or if you in a mood with anyone you could be like talk to the file cause face ain't listening. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (oh that sass!)
6. Lip balm
I think this is in absolute must because you may just want to moisturize your lips because they are feeling very dry or like me you might want to add a bit more colour into your lips but you're not allowed to wear makeup. I'm currently using the Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm Born Lippy, this lasts a very long time because I've had it for AGES! I also recommend the Nivea ones and this Jack Wills set my friend has which smells really nice, or if you're feeling for something quite simple then Vaseline.
Ohh that was long. Hope you enjoyed todays blog post. Sorry I had a mild headache so I couldn't get I up as quickly as I would've liked. For next week I'm going to do part w and then the week after that I'm going to do a book shelf tour kind of thing because I have lots of nice books which relate to my section of the blog.
Hope you've all had a good week,
S xx

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Revision items xx

Okay I would just like to start off my saying how sorry i am for not posting lately, but I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOO busy with homework, family things and other things like that. 
But what I have decided to do is since the dreaded test season is coming up, which are all those really important tests, which are also really annoying, as depending on well you do on them depends on your end of year grade, I have decided to do a haul/ collections blog on all the things I have bought, or already have which I am going to use for my revision.

1. A4 ring binder folder.
The first thing I have is a folder which I can keep all my revision together, and organised, since I am one of those people who likes things organised. (He he) You can be these from any stationary shop, like WH smiths, or staples in any design, but the one I have is from Amazon, which if you don't know already is an online website with thousands and thousands of all kind of different items on it, and the items are usually cheaper than they are on other shops So my folder was about two pound I think and it's got jelly beans all over it, so who wouldn't love that?

2. Folder dividers.
Like the folder I go these form Amzon, but you can also get them from other stationary shops. And what these do, is these separate your folder into different sections (so in this case each section is for a different subject) and you can write what that section for on this little tab on the side of it. 

3. A3 paper.
I have a pad of A3 paper, I don't know where I got it or how much it is, but you can probably get it from Amazon, and other stationary shops. I have this because I find I useful to make revision posters. 

4. Sharpies, highlighters or other pens.
I have these to write on revision posters and to write key notes, to make my revision look a bit more interesting. You can get pens from pretty much anywhere (apart from places like clothes shops obviously) and the prices range.

5. Sticky notes.
I like using these for key notes, and you can get them from pretty much ANYWHERE!

Anyway, I hope you found this blog useful, and I promise to try to keep uploading weekly, but since it is test season, I might not have the time, but I'll try. 
Anywhere don't forget to follow, comment and tell your friends! 
See you soon!
-L xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

TV Shows

I'm really sorry that I haven't been blogging for a long time but I've been really busy getting back into the school regime and doing all that horrible homework. πŸ˜‚ But luckily I'm back again to do blogposts. 😊 I'll try and do extras but I don't know how it'll work out.
Anyway moving swiftly on... For todays blog post I'm going to say what my favourite tv shows are. And yes I know its not my topic but, I really wanted to do because there are so many shows out there which I really like which I think you guys might like or know too. 😊
1. The Next Step
I absolutely love this show! I'm sure most of you would've heard about it because personally it is very well known. But if you don't know its about a dance school called The Next Step. Its a reality tv show but they act in it (if you know what I mean). It has quite a lot of drama with like love triangles and all that jazz. In the first season they are practicing for regionals, second for nationals, third for internationals and finally season 4. I don't know what its about because its not out yet but I think its about them all moving on with dancing and thinking about what else they can do with their lives. Not all episodes are on CBBC IPlayer but they might be on youtube. πŸ’ƒ
2. Neighbours
If your one of my best friends then you should know that I'm always going on about Neighbours and telling you the storyline even when you don't want to listen. πŸ˜‚
Anyway, the show is set in Australia and it is a soap. I don't really know how to describe it but its basically soaps are just shows about people and their day to day lives. They have quite a lot of drama and every now and then they'll do special events when something happens like somebody dies or someone's house will burn down. And I know you probably think about what the heck is the girl watching it sounds crazy, but its really good show and I suggest that you watch it. It's available on Demand 5.🌊
3. Home and Away
Same as Neighbours I do talk about Home and Away all the time and is very similar to Neighbours. It is also a soap and is set in Australia as well. Personally I prefer Home and Away because its more interesting to me with more drama. I'm not gonna say anymore though because I would just be repeating myself form above because they are basically the same just with different plots, settings and characters. Also its available on Demand 5.😊
4. Lost and Found Music Studios
I absolutely love this show! Its very similar to The Next Step but hence the name its a music version. There's only been 7 episodes out on BBC IPlayer and I really wish there was more. I pretty sure its also available on
Netflix as well. Its just a reality tv show with actors in it (like The Next Step). It shows them what they do inside the music studio and their day to day lives. There is also alot of drama in it as well. 🎀
5. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug ad Chat Noir
This show is really good. I'm not even kidding! It this show on Disney Channel. Its available on TalkTalk, Sky and maybe some other places I don't know about. Its animated instead of it being real life people. Its basically about these two people Marinette and Adrien. They both have these little animals called Kwamis which help them transform into superheros to help them save Paris. When they are transformed Marinette is Ladybug and Adrien is Chat Noir in reality Marinette loves Adrien but he only likes her as a friend. And then Chat Noir loves Ladybug but Ladybug only likes him as friend. Obviously they don't know about their true identity and that's what make it really interesting. Also there is this evil person called Hawkmoth who puts akumas (butterfly thing) in people who feel sad or depressed. Once that happens they turn into villains who then work for Hawkmoth who try and capture their Miraculous'. This sounds really crazy but, seriously its REALLY good. πŸ‘«
Ok that was really long, but I really hope that you enjoyed it. If you have any requests then can you leave in the comments always happy to talk.
I'll try and do another blog post this week Sunday, hope you have a good day,
S xx

Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Ways To Live A Happier Life

For todays blog post I decided to do "5 Ways to Live A Happier Life" 😊. I decided to do this because I've been feeling ill from Friday, and because of that I was feeling quite sad 😒. So while I was feeling ill I was thinking about what blog post do, and hoping that I would get better in time. Luckily all ended up well πŸ‘. So here goes nothing:

1. Find a new TV show to watch:
If your feeling sad then a good way to make yourself feel happier is to distract yourself. A good thing to do is to go onto a IPlayer. I don't have it anymore but another brilliant thing to do is to go browsing on Netflix, there are lots of brilliant movies and TV series to watch. I particularly like Pretty Little Liars (which I'm pretty sure you've all heard about), Modern Family and lots of other movies such as Picture This. 🎬

2. Find new blogs to read:
This is another good way to distract yourself. There are so many brilliant blogs out there which are just waiting to be read. 😊 I like to just go onto Bloglovin to see what blog posts are new and rising. I've found lots of blogs recently. But some of my core favourites are obviously Zoella, Tanya Burr, Sprinkle of Glitter, The girl from panama, Fleur de Force, etc. πŸ’…

3. Catch up on YouTube:
I absolutely love to do this! Watching YouTube is one of my favourite things to do! I mainly only watch beauty channels, such as Zoella, Bethany Mota, Tanya Burr and Niomi Smart but, I do also enjoy watching vlogging channels such as MoreZoella and Sprinkle of Chatter. πŸ“Ί

4. Treat Yourself:
If you're ever feeling sad then I think a brilliant thing to do is to relax and have a nice bubble bath. I like using bubble bars or bath bombs from Lush. And as said before I like to watch YouTube and catch up on my many, many videos. If not them I like to take a break from electronics and pick up a book. At the moment I'm reading this brilliant book by Sophie Kinsella called Shopaholic to the stars. Then once you've done that I would have a nice hot chocolate (or tea 🍡 if you prefer that) and enjoy some Cadbury Amaze Bites. OMG! These things are like Heaven in your mouth. I haven't had them in a long time but seriously they are soooooo good! 🍩

5. Yoga:
I haven't learnt many poses yet but, I really enjoy putting on some music and doing yoga. The music I've been enjoying right now has been Lush Life by Zara Larsson and the Make it Pop soundtrack by XO-IQ. I like to do this because it can be very relaxing. If you don't want to do yoga because you think it would strain or hurt your body to much then I would suggest jogging instead and listening to your favourite playlist. πŸŽΆπŸ‘£

So I hope you have enjoyed reading this post!
Please comment below, what do you like to do when you're feeling sad?
Hope you're all feeling good, πŸ˜ŠπŸ’˜πŸ’œ
S xx