Tuesday, 19 April 2016

TV Shows

I'm really sorry that I haven't been blogging for a long time but I've been really busy getting back into the school regime and doing all that horrible homework. 😂 But luckily I'm back again to do blogposts. 😊 I'll try and do extras but I don't know how it'll work out.
Anyway moving swiftly on... For todays blog post I'm going to say what my favourite tv shows are. And yes I know its not my topic but, I really wanted to do because there are so many shows out there which I really like which I think you guys might like or know too. 😊
1. The Next Step
I absolutely love this show! I'm sure most of you would've heard about it because personally it is very well known. But if you don't know its about a dance school called The Next Step. Its a reality tv show but they act in it (if you know what I mean). It has quite a lot of drama with like love triangles and all that jazz. In the first season they are practicing for regionals, second for nationals, third for internationals and finally season 4. I don't know what its about because its not out yet but I think its about them all moving on with dancing and thinking about what else they can do with their lives. Not all episodes are on CBBC IPlayer but they might be on youtube. 💃
2. Neighbours
If your one of my best friends then you should know that I'm always going on about Neighbours and telling you the storyline even when you don't want to listen. 😂
Anyway, the show is set in Australia and it is a soap. I don't really know how to describe it but its basically soaps are just shows about people and their day to day lives. They have quite a lot of drama and every now and then they'll do special events when something happens like somebody dies or someone's house will burn down. And I know you probably think about what the heck is the girl watching it sounds crazy, but its really good show and I suggest that you watch it. It's available on Demand 5.🌊
3. Home and Away
Same as Neighbours I do talk about Home and Away all the time and is very similar to Neighbours. It is also a soap and is set in Australia as well. Personally I prefer Home and Away because its more interesting to me with more drama. I'm not gonna say anymore though because I would just be repeating myself form above because they are basically the same just with different plots, settings and characters. Also its available on Demand 5.😊
4. Lost and Found Music Studios
I absolutely love this show! Its very similar to The Next Step but hence the name its a music version. There's only been 7 episodes out on BBC IPlayer and I really wish there was more. I pretty sure its also available on
Netflix as well. Its just a reality tv show with actors in it (like The Next Step). It shows them what they do inside the music studio and their day to day lives. There is also alot of drama in it as well. 🎤
5. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug ad Chat Noir
This show is really good. I'm not even kidding! It this show on Disney Channel. Its available on TalkTalk, Sky and maybe some other places I don't know about. Its animated instead of it being real life people. Its basically about these two people Marinette and Adrien. They both have these little animals called Kwamis which help them transform into superheros to help them save Paris. When they are transformed Marinette is Ladybug and Adrien is Chat Noir in reality Marinette loves Adrien but he only likes her as a friend. And then Chat Noir loves Ladybug but Ladybug only likes him as friend. Obviously they don't know about their true identity and that's what make it really interesting. Also there is this evil person called Hawkmoth who puts akumas (butterfly thing) in people who feel sad or depressed. Once that happens they turn into villains who then work for Hawkmoth who try and capture their Miraculous'. This sounds really crazy but, seriously its REALLY good. 👫
Ok that was really long, but I really hope that you enjoyed it. If you have any requests then can you leave in the comments always happy to talk.
I'll try and do another blog post this week Sunday, hope you have a good day,
S xx

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