Sunday, 14 February 2016

Artists xx

For today's blog post it is going to be my favourite artists!!!
This isn't really in my genre but... Hey ho!
1. Vamps
They are my all time favourite band and I definitely recommend listening to them. They have released I think about 8 albums. I would personally say that they are a pop band with upbeat songs and slightly slower songs. My favourites songs are probably 'Volcano' and 'Rest your love'.
2. Becky G
Becky G is my favourite girl singer. I absolutely love her songs. Her genre is pop and rap so its not everybody's cup of tea but I definitely recommend listening to 'Break a Sweat' and Can't stop dancing'. She currently has only released 1 album (I think,) but hopefully she will release more.
3. Fifth Harmony
Finally Fifth Harmony. They are my favourite all girl band. They contain 5 girls ( that's why they're called Fifth harmony.) Originally they all went on X Factor - in America, but then because they weren't enough groups they were put together as a group. Currently they have 5 albums but are working on some new songs. I recommend listening to 'Reflection' and ' Brave Honest Beautiful'.
Thankyou for reading this blog post and I will be doing another one soon.
Please comment and share :)
S xx

A few things I've been loving x

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time but I'll make sure to make it up to you by doing them more frequently to add it up. :)
Anyway, onto the subject for today, which is... A few things I've been loving recently!
I'm going to do 3 things which I've been loving recently.
1. Body Shop Lip Balm - £2
I absolutely love this lip balm. The flavour I have is the strawberry flavour which as you can guess smells like strawberries. Although personally it does smell a bit like Haribo's because it has quite a sweet scent. It also has a slight red tint which I like because it gives your lips more colour. Overall it is a brilliant product and would certainly repurchase it but, probably in a different flavour.
2. Wilko Fruits Orange & Pomelo Hand Sanitizer - £0.50
This is another brilliant product! It is very cost efficient because its only 50p and its a reasonable sized product. The scent of it is very nice and citrusy. In addition it is a very strong scent which is nice, but if you don't want to share it with anybody else then I recommend hit doing it near anyone or they'll all come asking for some more.
3. Impulse Body Spray - £1
Finally but certainly not least is an impulse spray . I love these for a quick spritz. They are very affordable and are found in many shops such as Superdrug or Asda. There are many different scents but i must say that my favourite scent is tease which has a blue pattern on the bottle.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and I'll be writing a new one soon:)
S xx

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Study tips!

Hello 😎🤓,
Exams are probably one of the most annoying things about school, (apart from Homework and evil teachers who lock you out your form room because there was a crum on the floor 😅😡) but they are also one of the most important things as well, so it's important that you get a good mark on them. So here are some revsion tips to help you ace all your exams!

1. Make revision posters:
I find revision posters really easy to help me revise, much easier than just looking at some scruffy notes in an old notebook!

2. Have bright coloured pens:
Whether you like to write your revision on a poster (like me!) or in a notebook, it's always good to make sure that the Imformation is in bright coloures instead of boring black pen, as when it's in different colours it grabs your attention and makes it easier to revise.

3. Sticky notes!:
Sticky notes are perfect for revision and key notes, as it means you can write down the keynote and stick it anywhere in your bedroom on things which you use A lot (e.g. Light switch, mirror, door etc.)

4. Flash cards!
Flash cards are perfect for writing down key terms or spellings, as it means it's easier to test yourself! It's also a good idea to get someone else to test you too!

5. Don't leave revision till the night before:
Although it's tempting don't leave revision till the night before, if you do this it means you have less time and you may not be able to revise everything in time.

6. Have breaks:
When you revise, it's good to have breaks depending on how good your attention span is. I like to revise for an hour, then have a break for ten or twenty minutes, especially when there is loads to revise.

I hope you found my tips a big help! Comment down below whether you did, and also maybe some suggestions on more revision tips!
I would also just like to say that for the next two weeks i will be unable to do a blog post as I will be on holiday, but i'm sure I, E and S will still be posting.

I'll see you all soon!
Toddles xxxxxx
-L xxx