Sunday, 14 February 2016

Artists xx

For today's blog post it is going to be my favourite artists!!!
This isn't really in my genre but... Hey ho!
1. Vamps
They are my all time favourite band and I definitely recommend listening to them. They have released I think about 8 albums. I would personally say that they are a pop band with upbeat songs and slightly slower songs. My favourites songs are probably 'Volcano' and 'Rest your love'.
2. Becky G
Becky G is my favourite girl singer. I absolutely love her songs. Her genre is pop and rap so its not everybody's cup of tea but I definitely recommend listening to 'Break a Sweat' and Can't stop dancing'. She currently has only released 1 album (I think,) but hopefully she will release more.
3. Fifth Harmony
Finally Fifth Harmony. They are my favourite all girl band. They contain 5 girls ( that's why they're called Fifth harmony.) Originally they all went on X Factor - in America, but then because they weren't enough groups they were put together as a group. Currently they have 5 albums but are working on some new songs. I recommend listening to 'Reflection' and ' Brave Honest Beautiful'.
Thankyou for reading this blog post and I will be doing another one soon.
Please comment and share :)
S xx

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