Saturday, 30 January 2016

Clothes Peer Pressure x

Hi 🙋,
Welcome back to the L.I.E.S blog!!!
So for the subject for today is...
Clothes Peer Pressure:
Everybody goes through the stage when they buy a dress wondering to themselves:
'is this cool enough for me to wear' or 'do I look cool'. But really what's the meaning of cool?
The main point of this is that you don't always have to go with the latest trends. Obviously its nice to but if you don't feel comfortable in it then wear what you like. Weither that's bright pink flared disco jeans or ripped high waisted jeans. Wear what you feel comfortable in if that's what you like then wear it. People may stare and laugh but that's fine cause you'll have that confidence in you walk.

I hope this has helped you. Please comment below. Thanks for reading.
S xxx

Friday, 29 January 2016

How to clean white converses

How to clean white converses:
Use a cloth to remove all dust and dirt that you can from the shoe.
Then remove laces from the shoe.
Rinse shoes and laces in warm water , inside and out.
Get some natural or hand soap and put it on the shoe and laces.
Use a soft brush to gently massage the soap into the shoes.
Rinse the shoes and shoelaces with warm water inside and out once again.
Hopefully this helped you out

School organisation tips!


School is one of those places where if you try your best to keep organised it actually pays off. However, as we probably all know it's actually quite hard to keep organised all the time, so hopefully these tips will help you keep as organised as possible.

1. Always make sure that your bag is packed for school the night before.

Getting all your books and equipment ready the night before is a big help as it means that in the morning you don't have to rush around as much. Also if you do it the night before it means you are less likely to forget something, since you aren't as tired, and more prepared.

2. Have a notebook or planner to write down homework and other important events.

If your school hasn't already supplied you with a planner, get a notebook or something like that to write down any special events or any homework you get down. This will help you a lot as it means you know exactly what homework you have and you don't have to do it by memory. It also means that's you are less likely to forget about homework as well. Writing down the day it's due is also a very helpful thing to do as well.

3. Do your Homework the night it's set.

Although it's tempting not to, doing your homework the night it's set is a really helpful thing to do as it means it's all out of the way. It also means you are less likely going to forget to do homework too! Also don't forget that if you do the homework the night it's set it means you can just spend your weekend and holidays relaxing and doing what you want to do, instead of doing boring homework.

So those are some tips to help you keep organised. If you have any other tips or want even more tips comment down below! I'll see you guys next week!



Saturday, 23 January 2016

How to clean a beauty blender

For todays DIY its going to be...
How to clean a beauty blender using things found at home.
You need:
Shampoo or body wash
Get the beauty blender and spread your shampoo/body wash all over the beauty blender and massage it in so it properly cleans.
Then squeeze it under running water. Get more shampoo/body wash and put it on the blender again. Rub it on your hand and when it comes out clear it is properly cleaned.
I hope I helped you, please leave a comment on what you want to see next. :)
~ E

Welcome from E

Welcome to the L.I.E.S blog.
I am the E of LIES and I run the DIY section of this blog. I basically post many things, including how to make homemade beauty things, clothing and bits and bobs. I also post on FANGIRL OBSESSION cos, y'know everyone needs to rant sometimes. Anyways I'll be posting very soon.
~ E

School hacks

Hiya everybody!!,

I'm the L of the l.i.e.s. Blog and I will be doing school hacks 😀 (But sometimes I might post something random, if i'm allowed of course 😂) I am going to try to post atleast once a week but sometimes I might post more!!

School is probably one of the hardest things for a child, teenager or adult to survive, but it's also one of the places where you will create LOADS of memories!!
Personally I actually really like school (most of the time anyway 😅) but I also do get quite stressed out when it comes to certain school related tasks! But hopefully these blog post will help all of you find school less stressful, and more of a place to enjoy yourself!

Okay ramble over! Anyway drop in the comments what things I should write about in the future in order to help you and everyone else to survive school!!


-L xxxx


Hey guys! First of all I would just like to introduce myself: I'm I of the LIES and I will be mainly writing about life hacks and giving tip on how to get through situations that have happend to me and that is very common so may of happend to you too. I'd like to think that what I'm writing on here will help a lot of you so I hope it does!! Oh and it would also be nice if you drop something in the comments on how I could deal better with the situation and give me advice too! :)
So today's blog from me is about friends and the issues that often come up in friendships. So recently I have fallen out with a few friends. However I don't really know why. It's the kind of falling out where they just start ignoring you as they feel left out and like they don't fit in even though you didn't realise  that this was the case. I've also been the one feeling this way a few times before as I'm sure most of you reading will of at some point too and it's not nice I know but I tend to just try and work through it and maybe show how I am feeling a little but not too much and then it's soon resolved and I start to feel more of the group again. This girl didn't do that so I didn't really know how to deal with it.  So me and the other girl who the the 'friend' was ignoring didn't really handle the situation very well. We just started hanging out more together and just tried to get her talk to he. When we finally gave up we just kind of ignored her too still trying to be nice even though she wasn't really being nice to us and ignoring us the whole time and ignoring our apolagies for whatever we had done to upset her.
Eventually we did make up as she finally let us apolagies and realised that what she was doing wasn't the right way to go about showing someone your upset by them. So sorry for that long intro on the story but here are some tips I learnt from that experience:
  1. Try not to ignore someone even if they're ignoring you-ignoring them won't help as it will just make thing worst.
  2. Try to resolve the issue quickly as otherwise it just escalates. Even if you dont have any reason to say sorry for still try and maybe they will say sorry too. 
  3. Tell people how your feeling and they will try and if they are your true friends then they will try to make sure that you no longer feel that way and will try to make sure you are happy
So I hope you have found this useful I'm sorry if it's really bad but it's the first blog I've done. Please comment if you have anything you would like to add to my advice list and I will put it up there!  Thanks for reading I really hope you enjoy all of our blogs as this is new and exciting to us and we would really like it if you enjoy it. Please let us know if you like our blogs and anything we could improve on too!
Thanks, I xxxx

Friday, 22 January 2016

5 Random Facts

Third blog post of the day. Boy, we are on a roll!
Any way for the last blog post of today (btw its not always going to be three every day just for today because were staring it of) it's going to be.... Random Facts:

Since we are anonymous we aren't going to give too many details away but here are some of them:

We are all BFFLAEAE (best friends for life and ever and ever.)
We came up with the idea to start a blog during a school lunchtime!
We are young teenagers.
We have a mild obsession with The Vamps (by mild I mean a big one...) *insert awkward laugh here.*
And finally we all adore HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!

I hope you enjoyed those random facts about us. Join us tomorrow or next week for the next blog post.


5 tips to healthy skin xx

Here on today's blog post were going to be talking about how to get that lovely flawless skin like Audrey Hepburn. And yes yes I know it is VERY late to start one now but, maybe your new year's resolution could be try spend less money on skincare and use more simple methods and end up saving a heap of money too.

The first tip to healthy skin is too drink water every day. And yes I know that you hear this one all of the time but it is true. Having a water bottle with toy will help make it easier as well.

The second tip is to healthy skin is to wash your face every day. This is a very simple thing to do which you can do during the day. Obviously I you have makeup up on before bed then wash it off with some micellar cleansing water. It's very important to rid your face of all if the dirt which would build up during the day, especially before night.

The third tip for healthy skin is to have a healthy diet is good because this means that when you eat lots of fruit and veggies it will do awesome wonders top your skin from all of the vitamins and antioxidants contained inside the fruit and vegetables.

The forth tip to healthy skin is to clean your bed sheets every week, especially your pillow. Now this might sound like a stupid one but, if you don't wash your face every day (or if you don't wash your face properly,) then all of the remaining oil on your face will wipe onto your pillow and then when you roll around in bed all of your oil will go back into your face.

The fifth and final tip is to make sure that if you wear makeup that you need to wash it every day before bed. This is very important because all of the chemical's on your face from makeup will into your skin which will be one reason to getting blackheads or pimples.

Thankyou for reading my blog post. There is going to be another post uploaded next week. I don't know what category it will be though because it might not be writing it. So see you next week on the L.I.E.S blog.
S xxx

Thursday, 21 January 2016

We are the L.I.E.S

Welcome to our blog :). This is just a place where we can be happy and say nice and lovely things to help people in they're day today lifes. Its by L, I, E, S. Our initials. that's why its called LIES. Its just a nice fun a relaxing thing we can do together to bring us closer together and share are tips with the whole world. :)
This blog is going to include 5 subjects:
Fashion & Beauty (by S)
Life Hacks (by I)
DIY (by E)
How to survive school (by L)
and last but not least Fangirl Obsession (by all of us!)
So I hope that you will learn things from our blog and enjoy our blog and will want to share it with everybody.
Thanks for reading tata for now !
L.I.E.S xxx