Friday, 22 January 2016

5 Random Facts

Third blog post of the day. Boy, we are on a roll!
Any way for the last blog post of today (btw its not always going to be three every day just for today because were staring it of) it's going to be.... Random Facts:

Since we are anonymous we aren't going to give too many details away but here are some of them:

We are all BFFLAEAE (best friends for life and ever and ever.)
We came up with the idea to start a blog during a school lunchtime!
We are young teenagers.
We have a mild obsession with The Vamps (by mild I mean a big one...) *insert awkward laugh here.*
And finally we all adore HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!

I hope you enjoyed those random facts about us. Join us tomorrow or next week for the next blog post.


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