Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hey guys! First of all I would just like to introduce myself: I'm I of the LIES and I will be mainly writing about life hacks and giving tip on how to get through situations that have happend to me and that is very common so may of happend to you too. I'd like to think that what I'm writing on here will help a lot of you so I hope it does!! Oh and it would also be nice if you drop something in the comments on how I could deal better with the situation and give me advice too! :)
So today's blog from me is about friends and the issues that often come up in friendships. So recently I have fallen out with a few friends. However I don't really know why. It's the kind of falling out where they just start ignoring you as they feel left out and like they don't fit in even though you didn't realise  that this was the case. I've also been the one feeling this way a few times before as I'm sure most of you reading will of at some point too and it's not nice I know but I tend to just try and work through it and maybe show how I am feeling a little but not too much and then it's soon resolved and I start to feel more of the group again. This girl didn't do that so I didn't really know how to deal with it.  So me and the other girl who the the 'friend' was ignoring didn't really handle the situation very well. We just started hanging out more together and just tried to get her talk to he. When we finally gave up we just kind of ignored her too still trying to be nice even though she wasn't really being nice to us and ignoring us the whole time and ignoring our apolagies for whatever we had done to upset her.
Eventually we did make up as she finally let us apolagies and realised that what she was doing wasn't the right way to go about showing someone your upset by them. So sorry for that long intro on the story but here are some tips I learnt from that experience:
  1. Try not to ignore someone even if they're ignoring you-ignoring them won't help as it will just make thing worst.
  2. Try to resolve the issue quickly as otherwise it just escalates. Even if you dont have any reason to say sorry for still try and maybe they will say sorry too. 
  3. Tell people how your feeling and they will try and if they are your true friends then they will try to make sure that you no longer feel that way and will try to make sure you are happy
So I hope you have found this useful I'm sorry if it's really bad but it's the first blog I've done. Please comment if you have anything you would like to add to my advice list and I will put it up there!  Thanks for reading I really hope you enjoy all of our blogs as this is new and exciting to us and we would really like it if you enjoy it. Please let us know if you like our blogs and anything we could improve on too!
Thanks, I xxxx

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