Monday, 28 March 2016

Mini Haul x

Hi 😊 ,
As said last week on the blog I'm going to do a mini haul on where I went last week Saturday. Last Saturday I went to ASDA, Primark and Next (where there was a sale.)

The first thing that I bought is a bit boring... But, I bought a Helix Ruler. It was 90p which is a really cheap price and barely anyone has it in my class it can't really be misplaced. Also while I was in ASDA I decided to buy some of my mums birthday present because her birthday is coming up soon. So because there is a good deal on chocolate bars there so I bought 3 for £1. As well as that when I was in Next I bought her a mug which was £3 but for sale for £1! But also at home the Saturday before her birthday I'm going to give her a pedicure, a makeover and breakfast in bed. I was going to give her a manicure as well but she had just had a French manicure done at the nail salon, so I wouldn't want to waste her money. So hopefully she'll enjoy that!😊

After that we went to Next because my mum wanted to buy some baby clothes. So whilst she was doing that I decided to by myself a body mist. I already have 2 body mists which are by Impulse and one by Avon but this one was really cheap. Its called Miss Pink by Next. It is originally £5 which I would still buy it for but, it was £2!!! Absolute bargain. It is very big as well so I'm happy with that find. Finally we went to Primark. I only bought a hand sanitizer. I like the smell of it because it smells nice to me and it was only 60p.

This I all I bought last Saturday. Thankyou for reading!😊
Please comment, we would always love to talk. πŸ’– I will also be uploaded again this week or on Monday. Hope you've had a wonderful Easter!
What have you bought recently?
Love to talk,
S xx

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Locker organisation πŸ’™

Hello hello hellooooooo! 
Hi! So today I am going to do a locker organisation tips because I have been told time and time again that my locker is really organised so I thought why not?? 

1. Have a designated space for everything.
In my locker my p.e. Bag is at the back, my lab coat and p.e.r kit is on top of it, then my art pack is next to my p.e bag (I only have art once a week so that's why) then in front of my art pack is my d.t folder and next to that is where I keep my books, so that means I have a bit of space to put things like coats, scarfs, reading books, my lunch and things like that. Doing something like this really helps organise your locker, which means it easier to find things. 

2. Don't have things in your locker which you don't need. 
In my school our lockers aren't very big so you have to make the most of the space you have. This means that it's easy for things like rubbish and unnecessary items to take up all the space, so you need to think when you are organising your locker. What do I need and won't don't I need? So you can make the most of the space.

3. Make the most of the space.
Like I said earlier I have things on top of other things but I make sure they are all easy to get to. Putting things on top of things or putting things you don't use very often in the small gap next to another item really help make your locker more organised, and less cluttered.

Design tip! (I know this isn't to do with organisation but oh well) if you are allowed put things like pictures, posters, stickers, key notes and things like that in or on your locker do it! It gives it a sense of individuality, and plus if you do it right it makes your locker look awesome!

So I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Comment down below some blog suggestions to do with school which you would enjoy reading! And remember if you do comment, I may start doing shoutouts! 
Toddles xxx
-L xx

Church Dedication OOTD

For today's blogspot I'm going to write an OOTD. I know I did one last week but...
Hey hoo!
I don't think anyone knows this but I'm a Christian so I go to Church every Sunday. At a Church Dedication you basically just have a normal service but you bless the child of a new baby who has been born into the congregation.
Anyway, at the service I wore a red, orange and white dress. Its a short sleeved shift dress. For the design it has a small red strip, underneath that a big orange strip, finally at the bottom there I another small cream strip. I really like this dress its very nice and simple but can be glammed up it necessary. Its by Dorothy Perkins but unfortunately I don't know how much it costs.😒
Over the top I wore a light blue denim acid-wash jacket, with rips all over the jacket. It is long sleeved with three pockets. Although the only downside is that they are too small for my phone which is actually quite big. Although its a very cheap cause its £14.😊
On my feet I wore plain black ballet flats. They have a leopard print lining. They are very flimsy though so I wouldn't recommend wearing them whilst its raining ☔. I got them from Sports Direct. I'm sorry again but, I can't remember how much they cost.😒
Finally, I went very simple with accessories and wore some plain gold studs from Primark.
So, that wraps up my look for last Sunday. What would you wear to a Church Dedication? Please leave in the comments, always happy to talk.❤
Keep updated for next weeks blog post.
If you have any requests I would love to know.
S xx

Next Sale xx

Hi, again...
This is a very mini blog post. Its only a 3 day sale but, Next are holding a sale at the moment. I think it ends on Monday so you should head down to Next. I'm sorry but I don't know if its available in other countries though.
Next week I'm going to do a very small haul on a few things I bought from Next, Primark and Asda.
S xx

4 Most Worn Items x

For today's blog post I'm going to do a post on my Most Worm Items! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
1. Black Prada Coat
Now I'm sorry that I haven't got pictures, but at the moment it isn't working. As well as that I may only be able to say what brand the item is from if I bought it because most of these are gifts or hand me downs. ☹
Anyway on a more positive note, this is a really nice waterproof black parka. It also looks stylish with two handy pockets at either side. It I quite a nice and slim-fitted coat as well.
2. Black Leather and Plaid Jacket
I like this jacket ALOT. I pretty this was mentioned in my OOTD film party blog but, hay hoo! As said above this was in my OOTD blog post so if you want more information about that check it out. Although hence the name its a black and plaid leather jacket and its form Target and it costs $40.
3. Acid Wash Ripped Denim Jacket
I really like this jacket to. I like it to match up with lots of nice orange dresses I have cause I feel that the too colours compliment eachover well. This jacket was from Primark and it cost £14. I recommend buying this because this one is actually available in England. πŸ˜‚ (unless you can get Target products in England, if you can let me know in the comments 😊)
4. Black Faux Leather Jeans
These jeans are really nice. The only thing which irritates me is that it is a size 8 but Its to big on me so I can't really wear it yet unless I get it fitted at my local tailors. But, there is nothing wrong with the actual jean. I don't know what the actual price was but I got it on sale for £3 at New Look. Complete bargain!
Anyway so that wraps up my blog post for today. Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave in the comments:
What are your favourite clothing items? 😊
Have a wonderful day,
S xx

Film Party OOTD x

Yesterday I went to my friends film party. It was really fun. We watched the movie picture thus on Netflix. Not the best film but it was ok.😊
I wore a orange lazer cut dress, which was from Target. Sorry I cant remember the price😒. On top of that I wore a leather jacket with plaid sleeves, this was also from Target, and it was $40. On my legs I wore some 80dernier tights from Asda, which were £3. And finally on my feet I wore some very floppy ballet flats which were from Sports Direct, I think they were £6
So that was my finished look. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
What would you wear to a film party? Leave in the comments below😊
S xx

Bloglovin Blogs xx

Today I'm going to do a blog post about bloglovin!!!
First of all if you want to follow us on bloglovin then our username is lies74.
Now, when I was browsing on bloglovin I found some really nice blogs which I want to share with you. The first one I saw was 'The Girl From Panama' (link below)
I like this blog because Pam, the blogger, is very talented and brilliant at what she does. I've only read four but I am planning to read them all. 😊
The second blog I liked was Cupcakes and Cashmere (link below)
I like this blog because its like mix between some fashion and beauty tips. And then it also has some blog posts about nice healthy places to eat at or some recipes
Finally, there my more well known favourites like Zoella, Tanya Burr, SprinkleofGlitter and a few more.
Okay so I Hope that you liked my post for today.
What blogs do you like to read? Put them in the comments bellow 😊
S xx

Monday, 14 March 2016

Evil teachers πŸ˜‘πŸ’˜

So today i'm gonna talk about 'evil teachers' (now imagine a dun dun dun sound a horror movie scream πŸ˜…) 
My class aren't exactly the best behaved class in the world so we have quite a lot of experience with evil teachers who either are telling us off, kicking us out our form room, or in some cases giving us a massive heart to heart talk about how some people in the class are gonna end up with rubbish jobs because they think they are so cool (thank you Mr. Blank) 
Now time for a ramble: 
Personally I think that evil teachers just need to get a grip, and not leash their angry anger on some students who have done nothing wrong, just because they have had a bad day doesn't mean we need too! Sometimes I think that teachers can have no self control and just get angry for no reason and boy is it ANNOYING!! Or when teachers realise that some people are not respecting them, so they decide that they are going to make the whole classes day really bad just cause some students are selfish and donut realise that there are a bunch of annoyed students waiting for their Friday chicken burger!! 
Okay ramble over πŸ˜‰ 
I could go on but let's save that for another day πŸ˜‹ 
Anyway I hope you enjoyed my ramble, and Remember don't be that annoying kid who stops everyone else from getting their chicken burger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

-L xx

How to naturally highlight your hair x

How to naturally highlight your hair.
What to use:
•4 lemons
•1/2 cup of warm water
•1 chamomile tea bag
•1 tablespoon of olive oil
•A spray bottle
Firstly you need to take the four lemons and squeeze them into a bowl. Then add the hot water to the bowl. As well as adding the chamomile tea bag. Leave this for 4-5 minutes. Depending on what amount of hair you want to highlight, put the mixture on the places you want highlighted using the spray bottle and use from your roots to your tips. Leave it in your hair until it's dry. Then massage the olive oil into your scalp for five minutes. Keep repeating this until you get your desired effect.

Hope you liked this
Lyl ~ E

Baby sitting

I'm really sorry that I haven't posted in ages but I've been really busy and these past few months have not been the best months ever!!
So recently one of the thingS that I've been busy doing is a lot of baby sitting for my younger cousins and my younger siblings who are 7,7 and 5 so they aren't way to take care of. So I'm going to give you a few tips on baby sitting that I have learnt:

  1. Be patient- don't snap at them for doing something wrong or for being annoying as you don't want to upset them as that's going to cause even more trouble!!
  2. Be stern- don't let the kids run all over you be strict but not to strict let them know that you are in charge and that your trying to help them but that they still have fun and don't feel like they're being told off the whole time.
  3. Try and have fun- okay with them if you like to play with little kids then that's a great way for you to actually enjoy baby sitting(even if it's tiring!). If you don't like to play with kids yourself then suggest a game they could play so that they are entwined and so you can relax.
I hope that this advice has helped so if you ever have to baby sit then try these things and see if they work for you. Let me know if there is any other advice you have and thank you for reading.
-I xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bloglovin xx

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S xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

February Favourites xx

Don't think I've blogged for a while. Sozz about that...😒.
Anyway for todays subject I will be doing...
February Favourites!!!
1. Body Shop Chocomania
I love this shower gel. Personally to me it has a wonderful scent because, hence the name it smells like chocolate. But, when I was at the shop and asked my sisters to smell it they all said they didn't really like the scent. It's a nice scent but its not my favourite scent in the world. It is £4 but I got for sale at £2. I think its a very goo product and it lathers up well in the shower.
2. Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm
Another body shop product, (hehe.) Anywhoo...
I think I've already put this in my "fee things I've been loving recently" so go check that out for more information. But long story short I love the scent of it. It has a slight red tint to your lips and it smells really nice. This is £2 which is extremely affordable.
3. Elizabeth Arden Provocative Women Perfume
I absolutely love this perfume. I don't wear perfume that often because I normally just use a impulse body mist but, this is an exception. Now, I only own one perfume because as said above I don't wear them that often. However, the scent of this is really nice. I'm not very good at describing scents but to me it smells like a more womanly scent then I teenager one. It is £15 which is a very good price because most perfumes I've heard of are in the £30 range.
Thankyou for reading my blog. Sorry for being AWOL buy in my defence I've been very busy with school work. Please comment and let me know what your February favourites are!!!
S xx

Top three stationary shops!

Today's post is gonna be one of those top three kind of posts! But this one is going to be on stationary shops. Personally I love reading these kind of blogs and I hope you guys do too!! 

1. WHSmiths. 
 Some products I have to admit can be quite pricey, but if you look hard you can get quite cheap ones, also the products are very handy and practicle, and even better they look nice! 

2. Paperchase.
 Like WHSmiths it can be on the pricey side, but paperchases products are not only really really good and useful, they have a range of designs to suit everybody! I personally love the rubber animals and I find that they are great little gifts for friends birthdays! 

3. Rymans stationary.
I have no idea whether this is a shop which has shops all around the country, but there's a shopping centre quite far away from me which has a shop called rymans stationary in it. Personally I think the products can be really expensive, but the products are well lasting and the shop normally has deals, like by two pens get the third one free, which makes the price a bit less ridiculous.

So that's my top three stationary shops, comment down below what stationary shops you like, and also comment down below what should I do my blog posts on i'm the future, remember my topic is school based! I'm also thinking of starting to do shout outs to people who comment nice things or answer my questions, so if you would like that comment down below! 
Anyway I'll see you soon, 
-L 😘😘

How to stop school taking over your life!

I would just like to say sorry that I haven't blogged i'm FOREVER but I have just been very busy with personal things and revising. But anyway enough about that lets get on with the blog.
So today's topic is 'how to stop school taking over your life' I know it sounds weird but these tips may actually be quite helpful! πŸ˜‡

1. Manage your time ⏱
Is good to have a certain time to start and stop certain tasks which are included in your daily routine. For example, say if you get home from school at half four, it's good to say okay i'm going to do homework from five to about half six, then I will relax for half an hour before tea, etc. Etc. If you do this you will find that you have more time for yourself, obviously sometimes you'll have to change your timing depending on if you have to revise or you have loads of homework, but it's all about what suits you the best!

2. Do Homework the night it's set πŸŒƒ
If you do this it means you get it out the way and you won't be spending the day before the homework is due stressing, and getting worked up!

3. Try not to procrastinate πŸ˜‹
Although it's tempting, try not to procrastinate, get all you need to do done, so it's all out of the way and you get more time to yourself! 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, comment down below what you thought, and maybe some suggestions of other school related topics you want me to do! 
-L 😘😘