Monday, 14 March 2016

Evil teachers 😡💘

So today i'm gonna talk about 'evil teachers' (now imagine a dun dun dun sound a horror movie scream 😅) 
My class aren't exactly the best behaved class in the world so we have quite a lot of experience with evil teachers who either are telling us off, kicking us out our form room, or in some cases giving us a massive heart to heart talk about how some people in the class are gonna end up with rubbish jobs because they think they are so cool (thank you Mr. Blank) 
Now time for a ramble: 
Personally I think that evil teachers just need to get a grip, and not leash their angry anger on some students who have done nothing wrong, just because they have had a bad day doesn't mean we need too! Sometimes I think that teachers can have no self control and just get angry for no reason and boy is it ANNOYING!! Or when teachers realise that some people are not respecting them, so they decide that they are going to make the whole classes day really bad just cause some students are selfish and donut realise that there are a bunch of annoyed students waiting for their Friday chicken burger!! 
Okay ramble over 😉 
I could go on but let's save that for another day 😋 
Anyway I hope you enjoyed my ramble, and Remember don't be that annoying kid who stops everyone else from getting their chicken burger 😂😂😂 

-L xx

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