Monday, 28 March 2016

Mini Haul x

Hi 😊 ,
As said last week on the blog I'm going to do a mini haul on where I went last week Saturday. Last Saturday I went to ASDA, Primark and Next (where there was a sale.)

The first thing that I bought is a bit boring... But, I bought a Helix Ruler. It was 90p which is a really cheap price and barely anyone has it in my class it can't really be misplaced. Also while I was in ASDA I decided to buy some of my mums birthday present because her birthday is coming up soon. So because there is a good deal on chocolate bars there so I bought 3 for £1. As well as that when I was in Next I bought her a mug which was £3 but for sale for £1! But also at home the Saturday before her birthday I'm going to give her a pedicure, a makeover and breakfast in bed. I was going to give her a manicure as well but she had just had a French manicure done at the nail salon, so I wouldn't want to waste her money. So hopefully she'll enjoy that!😊

After that we went to Next because my mum wanted to buy some baby clothes. So whilst she was doing that I decided to by myself a body mist. I already have 2 body mists which are by Impulse and one by Avon but this one was really cheap. Its called Miss Pink by Next. It is originally £5 which I would still buy it for but, it was £2!!! Absolute bargain. It is very big as well so I'm happy with that find. Finally we went to Primark. I only bought a hand sanitizer. I like the smell of it because it smells nice to me and it was only 60p.

This I all I bought last Saturday. Thankyou for reading!😊
Please comment, we would always love to talk. 💖 I will also be uploaded again this week or on Monday. Hope you've had a wonderful Easter!
What have you bought recently?
Love to talk,
S xx

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