Sunday, 20 March 2016

Locker organisation 💙

Hello hello hellooooooo! 
Hi! So today I am going to do a locker organisation tips because I have been told time and time again that my locker is really organised so I thought why not?? 

1. Have a designated space for everything.
In my locker my p.e. Bag is at the back, my lab coat and p.e.r kit is on top of it, then my art pack is next to my p.e bag (I only have art once a week so that's why) then in front of my art pack is my d.t folder and next to that is where I keep my books, so that means I have a bit of space to put things like coats, scarfs, reading books, my lunch and things like that. Doing something like this really helps organise your locker, which means it easier to find things. 

2. Don't have things in your locker which you don't need. 
In my school our lockers aren't very big so you have to make the most of the space you have. This means that it's easy for things like rubbish and unnecessary items to take up all the space, so you need to think when you are organising your locker. What do I need and won't don't I need? So you can make the most of the space.

3. Make the most of the space.
Like I said earlier I have things on top of other things but I make sure they are all easy to get to. Putting things on top of things or putting things you don't use very often in the small gap next to another item really help make your locker more organised, and less cluttered.

Design tip! (I know this isn't to do with organisation but oh well) if you are allowed put things like pictures, posters, stickers, key notes and things like that in or on your locker do it! It gives it a sense of individuality, and plus if you do it right it makes your locker look awesome!

So I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Comment down below some blog suggestions to do with school which you would enjoy reading! And remember if you do comment, I may start doing shoutouts! 
Toddles xxx
-L xx

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