Sunday, 20 March 2016

Church Dedication OOTD

For today's blogspot I'm going to write an OOTD. I know I did one last week but...
Hey hoo!
I don't think anyone knows this but I'm a Christian so I go to Church every Sunday. At a Church Dedication you basically just have a normal service but you bless the child of a new baby who has been born into the congregation.
Anyway, at the service I wore a red, orange and white dress. Its a short sleeved shift dress. For the design it has a small red strip, underneath that a big orange strip, finally at the bottom there I another small cream strip. I really like this dress its very nice and simple but can be glammed up it necessary. Its by Dorothy Perkins but unfortunately I don't know how much it costs.😢
Over the top I wore a light blue denim acid-wash jacket, with rips all over the jacket. It is long sleeved with three pockets. Although the only downside is that they are too small for my phone which is actually quite big. Although its a very cheap cause its £14.😊
On my feet I wore plain black ballet flats. They have a leopard print lining. They are very flimsy though so I wouldn't recommend wearing them whilst its raining ☔. I got them from Sports Direct. I'm sorry again but, I can't remember how much they cost.😢
Finally, I went very simple with accessories and wore some plain gold studs from Primark.
So, that wraps up my look for last Sunday. What would you wear to a Church Dedication? Please leave in the comments, always happy to talk.❤
Keep updated for next weeks blog post.
If you have any requests I would love to know.
S xx

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