Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to stop school taking over your life!

I would just like to say sorry that I haven't blogged i'm FOREVER but I have just been very busy with personal things and revising. But anyway enough about that lets get on with the blog.
So today's topic is 'how to stop school taking over your life' I know it sounds weird but these tips may actually be quite helpful! 😇

1. Manage your time ⏱
Is good to have a certain time to start and stop certain tasks which are included in your daily routine. For example, say if you get home from school at half four, it's good to say okay i'm going to do homework from five to about half six, then I will relax for half an hour before tea, etc. Etc. If you do this you will find that you have more time for yourself, obviously sometimes you'll have to change your timing depending on if you have to revise or you have loads of homework, but it's all about what suits you the best!

2. Do Homework the night it's set 🌃
If you do this it means you get it out the way and you won't be spending the day before the homework is due stressing, and getting worked up!

3. Try not to procrastinate 😋
Although it's tempting, try not to procrastinate, get all you need to do done, so it's all out of the way and you get more time to yourself! 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, comment down below what you thought, and maybe some suggestions of other school related topics you want me to do! 
-L 😘😘

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