Sunday, 20 March 2016

4 Most Worn Items x

For today's blog post I'm going to do a post on my Most Worm Items! 😊😃😊
1. Black Prada Coat
Now I'm sorry that I haven't got pictures, but at the moment it isn't working. As well as that I may only be able to say what brand the item is from if I bought it because most of these are gifts or hand me downs. ☹
Anyway on a more positive note, this is a really nice waterproof black parka. It also looks stylish with two handy pockets at either side. It I quite a nice and slim-fitted coat as well.
2. Black Leather and Plaid Jacket
I like this jacket ALOT. I pretty this was mentioned in my OOTD film party blog but, hay hoo! As said above this was in my OOTD blog post so if you want more information about that check it out. Although hence the name its a black and plaid leather jacket and its form Target and it costs $40.
3. Acid Wash Ripped Denim Jacket
I really like this jacket to. I like it to match up with lots of nice orange dresses I have cause I feel that the too colours compliment eachover well. This jacket was from Primark and it cost £14. I recommend buying this because this one is actually available in England. 😂 (unless you can get Target products in England, if you can let me know in the comments 😊)
4. Black Faux Leather Jeans
These jeans are really nice. The only thing which irritates me is that it is a size 8 but Its to big on me so I can't really wear it yet unless I get it fitted at my local tailors. But, there is nothing wrong with the actual jean. I don't know what the actual price was but I got it on sale for £3 at New Look. Complete bargain!
Anyway so that wraps up my blog post for today. Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave in the comments:
What are your favourite clothing items? 😊
Have a wonderful day,
S xx

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