Thursday, 21 January 2016

We are the L.I.E.S

Welcome to our blog :). This is just a place where we can be happy and say nice and lovely things to help people in they're day today lifes. Its by L, I, E, S. Our initials. that's why its called LIES. Its just a nice fun a relaxing thing we can do together to bring us closer together and share are tips with the whole world. :)
This blog is going to include 5 subjects:
Fashion & Beauty (by S)
Life Hacks (by I)
DIY (by E)
How to survive school (by L)
and last but not least Fangirl Obsession (by all of us!)
So I hope that you will learn things from our blog and enjoy our blog and will want to share it with everybody.
Thanks for reading tata for now !
L.I.E.S xxx

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