Monday, 25 April 2016

Beauty School Essentials - Part 1

Welcome to another blog post.😊 Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and a lovely week to come. ❤ For today's blog post I'm going to do Beauty School Essentials Part 1. I'm only going to do a few though because otherwise I'll be rambling for too long and you may get bored. Hence why I'm doing it in two parts. Also some of the stuff here I won't actually use because either I'm not allowed or don't need to use it. Anyway, lets start!
1. Impulse Spray
I think its a necessity to have a spray on you all the time because If you've just had PE then you may not smell very delightful and may want to have a quick spritz. I normally have a impulse spray but recently because Impulse sprays aren't very long lasting then you may want to have a perfume or a stronger body mist such as the Miss Pink Fragrance by Next, (haha I've talked about this so much.)
2. Hand Sanitizer
You should always have a hand sanitizer on you it is absolute necessity. You never know I class when you might innocently be putting your hand at the end of the table and then you feel that disgusting gooey and need to instantly cleanse your hands, well their you go! Or when their are those girls who just wont budge whilst doing their makeup in the toilets who block the sink and HORRIBLY not letting you get through. Ugh!!  
3. Hairbrush
It is a necessity for life to be honest. I don't use normal hairbrush's like Tangle Teezers (they are very good I've heard lots of good reviews.) They are useful for when you just had PE and you're hair is looking scruffy or when you just want a touch-up. I don't what the brand is or how to describe it but, it has soft bristles because I have hair extensions.
4. Dry Shampoo
Know it may sound incredibly disgusting but because I have extensions I don't wash my hear often because the extensions protect it from getting that dirty. I would recommend Batiste because there a very well known brand and they are very affordable with lovely scents.
5. Manicure Set/Nail file
This isn't an essential-essential but I think everyone should have one. You never know when you're nails may be looking exceptionally vd and you may want to touch them up. Well that's what I do anyway. Or if you in a mood with anyone you could be like talk to the file cause face ain't listening. 😂😂😂 (oh that sass!)
6. Lip balm
I think this is in absolute must because you may just want to moisturize your lips because they are feeling very dry or like me you might want to add a bit more colour into your lips but you're not allowed to wear makeup. I'm currently using the Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm Born Lippy, this lasts a very long time because I've had it for AGES! I also recommend the Nivea ones and this Jack Wills set my friend has which smells really nice, or if you're feeling for something quite simple then Vaseline.
Ohh that was long. Hope you enjoyed todays blog post. Sorry I had a mild headache so I couldn't get I up as quickly as I would've liked. For next week I'm going to do part w and then the week after that I'm going to do a book shelf tour kind of thing because I have lots of nice books which relate to my section of the blog.
Hope you've all had a good week,
S xx

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