Sunday, 1 May 2016

Beauty School Essentials - Part 2

As said in last weeks blog post since their are lots of essentials for school I thought I should do 2 parts. Lets dive straight in 🏊!
1. Concealer
I don't use it but if you have lots of blemishes and black heads then I would recommend using it. I'm pretty sure most schools don't allow you to wear makeup but if you believe that you skin is really that bad then I just recommend that you really work it into your skin so it doesn't look cakey. I would recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer or the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.
2. Mascara
As said previously I don't actually use makeup because I'm not allowed and they do makeup checks often so it would be a waste. But if you're school lets you or don't do frequent makeup checks then I would recommend that you use mascara open up your eyes more especially if you didn't get much sleep to make you more awake. If you want dramatic lashes the I would suggest the Maybelline Lash Sensational but I can't think of any clear mascara at the moment. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. 😊
3. Powder
I think that it's an essential to have powder too. I don't have one because as said above I'm not allowed but if I was I would have it on me all the time. I would say I have combination skin because my skin is dry apart from my T-Zone. So if I was allowed I would one on me so I could matte up my skin and make sure it's not oily. I would recommend the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.
4. Compact Mirror
I think that you should always have a compact mirror on you cause you never know when you'll need a quick touch up and you're not able to get to the bathroom. I especially like using it in lessons because sometimes when I'm really really really bored, (which is like every day,) I
like to do my hair. So consequently you should check your self in the mirror so that you don't go out looking like a derp.
5. Hair Bands
I think you should always have hair bands in you incase you forget that you have Food Tech or PE. Also if you doing a mini hairdressers in your form at lunchand have decided you want to have to French plaits but don't have any hairbands. Also if there are those people who never bring hairbands and are always asking food spairs then there you go. But to be honest be careful who you give it to cause some people are like 'what you never gave me a hairband?' In my head I'm just like 'mmhhmm that's the last time I'm giving you a hairband.'
Anyway I hope you have enjoyed my blog post for today. Next week I'm going to do a book tour because there are some really nice books their which I think you'll enjoy. I'll also have a few books which I haven't got and want to get and I've read them but don't own them yet
Please leave in the comments, What are you school beauty essentials?
S xx

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