Monday, 2 May 2016

April favourites xx

So this week I have decided to do a blog post which has nothing to do with my theme, (school) because today I'm going to do an April favourites!!! 💗 Enjoy!! 💘
1. Cocoa body butter from the body shop.
I got this body butter for Christmas and I have used it every day since, and there's still loads left which proves how long lasting it is! This body butter is AMAZING it is extremely moisturising, and it makes your skin feel extremely healthy and soft, and it also smells of chocolate which is an added bonus 😂
2. Strawberry shower gel from the body shop. 
I love body shops strawberry scented things, and this shower gel not only makes you smell incredible, it also makes your bathroom smell really nice too.

3. Sugar crush body spray from soap and glory.
I LOVE this scent, you can get a hand gel in it too which I LOVE, and they both smell WOW also the body spray I find is very long lasting so you smell nice for a really long time.

4. Hand maid grapefruit hand gel from soap and glory.
This hand gel smells amazing, i'm not a massive fan of grapefruit because I can find it really overpowering, but this isn't at all. It's smells really nice, and it's really good at cleaning your hands, and it makes them smell and fell really nice afterwards. 

5. Ps... LOVE rose body mist from primark, 
This smells so good, it's in a small bottle so it's perfect for traveling and believe it or not it actually lasts a really long time too. 

6. Peach punch baby lips. 
This lip gloss is so good. It's got a very slight peachy tint to it, and it smells so good. It's also extremely moisturising and whenever my lips feel sore they always make them feel good again. And since there is a slight tint if you need to put it around your lips you can't really see it, and when it's on your lips it makes them look really healthy. 

7. Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman.
This book is actually one of my favourite books and I have only read about thirty pages, it is about the different races, and the main characters are Calum who is from a poor family and is 'a nought' which are the 'second class citizens', and then there's Sephy who is a 'cross' and she is from a rich family. THIS BOOK IS JUST SO GOOD.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed by monthly favourites, comment down below what you have been enjoying this month. I'll see you soon!!
-L. Xxx


  1. I love the body shop aswell! Can't wait for May favourites.
    XO Chloe-Madeline

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment xx the May favourites should be up at the end of the month. Like I have said in previous blogs people who comment can get a shoutout so would you like one?? We would love to know what products you have been loving this month and last month xx -L