Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer H&M haul

Hey guys!!
First of all I'm so so so sorry that I haven't pasted in forever!! I've been really busy as I've just moved house and there's loads of jobs that need doing around the house etc. Whenever I've tried to write a blog my mum or dad asks me to do a job!!
Anyways today's post is on a little H&M haul as I went there the other day and got some really nice clothes that I want to share with you.

  1. A cropped cami type style top with a floral pattern on. I love love love this top!! It's so nice and is really summery too! 
  2. Another top I bought was the same type of style but a greeny bluey colour with a zig zag type of pattern on. Again it's really nice and so summery as well! Both of these tips go really nicely with a pair of black shorts. You can also wear them with jeans so their great tops for all year round.
  3. I also bought a black and white jumpsuit for wearing on holiday but is also great if you get nice weather in England! This jumpsuit I think was quite cheap and is it sits really well on me and I also love this lots!
  4. Finally I bought this really nice patterned dress which is white with red and green patterns on it with a bit of dark blue too. It is great for evenings out in summer as it is again quite summery but still good for all year round. As I was saying it's great for evenings if you go out to eat on holiday. However my one issue with it is at the back it's a v shape so you could wear a bra with it. But it's tight fitting so it doesn't show anyway.
Sorry that this post is so short and not at all about my topic but I loved the items I purchased so I kinda had to do this post. Again sorry about not saying the price as I can't remember and they no longer have the tags on them. 
I hope you enjoyed reading the post and I'll try and post more often. Though mind you I'm away for 3 weeks soon so actually I won't write till when I get back. Sorryyyyyyy xx
-I xx