Tuesday, 17 May 2016

25 facts about me

I'm really sorry for not uploading but as said in the 'End of year exam' post I've been busy with revision. Anyway, I know I said I would do a 'book shelf tour' but, its taking a long time to write so I'm going to do this instead. But I am going to do one next week.😊
I hope you'll enjoy learning more about me. So...lets get straight into it!
1. I absolutely love YouTube and spend literally all my time watching it.
2. I live in England.
3. I have 4 siblings (3 sisters and 1 brother.)
4. I absolutely hate bugs and insects. Even a spider the size of a dot ill probably scream. 😂
5. I play the violin.
6. When I grow up I want to be a fashion blogger, vlogger and designer. Basically a fashion related career.
7. Baby pink is my favourite colour.
8. My favourite food is Pizza.
9. One of my favourite TV shows is Neighbours.
10. My favourite song at the moment is a really old song but its R U Crazy by Conor Maynard.
11. My favourite boy YouTuber is Joe Sugg.
12. My favourite girl YouTubers are Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr, Freddy Cousin-Brown and Niomi Smart.
13. My favourite couple is Zalfie.
14. My favourite girl group are Fifth Harmony.
15. My favourite boy band is The Vamps.
16. My favourite Disney movie is Princes and the frog. (RIP, Evangeline and Ray.)
17. My style icons are Tanya Burr, Emma Watson and Freddy Cousin-Brown.
18. My favourite fruit is mango.
19. One of my favourite films is Maleficent.
20. My favourite author at the moment is Sophie Kinsella, I absolutely love the shopaholic series.
21. My favourite book is 'Confessions of a Shopaholic.'
22. My favourite book series is Dork Diaries.
23. I love shopping 🏬!
24. My celebrity crush is Cody Christian.
25. I hate the word moist.
I hope you have enjoyed learning these facts about me. If you have any more questions them leave in the comments below.
Have a good week,
S xx 💖


  1. We are so similar my fav your tuber is Zoella and for my career I want to be a youtube or blogger :)
    Once again Isabelle

  2. That is really cool. 😊
    S xx 💝💗💘

  3. Nice 👌🏻 Sochi xxx

    Just a Fangirl aka Hannah

    1. Thx x Hannah, awesome blog. 😊
      S xx 💖💗💘

  4. Nice post, cool and thanks for sharing about. :)


    1. Your Welcome, Cool blog. 😃
      S xx 💖💗💘