Sunday, 15 May 2016

Mini haul

Hi guys!
I've decided to take a quick break from revision and do a mini haul on what I bought the other day when I went shopping with my friend. I know this isn't really my topic but I thought it would be nice to do something different.

  1. The first thing I got was some cotton pads from boots! Not very exciting I know but really useful for removing nail varnish and makeup! They are only £1.80 and there are lots in the packet.
  2. Then we went to primark where I got these shorts for the summer for £7. Primark is really cheap and I didn't need good quality ones so if your looking for a cheap place to buy some clothes then I recommend primark as they do have some nice things. However their short range isn't great but the shorts I found I really like(even though they're too big for me!).
  3. We then went to body shop. I love body shop and I have really dry hands so I was looking for some hand cream and in body shop they have 3 for 2 on small items so I thing bought mango scented hand gel which smells amazing and is really useful to have on you and if you need a quick freshen up of the hands. I then also bought lip butter recommended by my friend and it's really good making your lips really soft! Of course I then bought the hand cream too and it makes your hands feel really soft and smell really good! I bought mine in wild argon oil which is one of my fav scents. Altogether this was £8. 
  4. I then went to paperchase and bought this really nice pencil case for £6. It is black with a rose pattern on it and is just really pretty. I love paper chase in general and if your looking for some nice stationary then paperchase is really good! 
  5. Finally we went to lush one of my favourite shops and I bought the Big Bang bubble bar which smells AMAZING and is defiantly one of my favourite scents in the shop. I also bought the twilight bath bomb that I have yet to try but it is meant to be really relaxing which is what I will need after exams!
So that's what I bought I hope you enjoyed reading it and I have given you some shops to visit because I love all those shops! If your looking for something similar to what I have spoken about then definitely check out those shops! If you have any shops that you think me and other people would like to visit or items that are in any shop that you would reccomend then please leave it in the comment below and I will add giving you a shout out of course!
Thank you for reading!
-I xx

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