Saturday, 11 June 2016

Casual OOTD

Sorry again for not uploading last Sunday but I was grieving over my test scores 😭, and was vv busy with finishing off any last minute homework. But, I'm back now anyway. 👍 So anyway, for todays post I thought I would do a Casual OOTD, because I've done two before,
and you guys seem to  like them so here you go!
1. Blue Venice Beach Tie-Dye Top
This top is from New Look. This isn't the exact top I have, but I thought this would be a nice substitute. The top I have is in the 915 generation and it is blue top with '76' printed on the front . (btw, my top was £4 but on sale. )But I think this top is just as good. I think this is really nice to wear in spring because its a very nice a pale colour which matches the mood of spring. I also like it because (I don't about this top but my top) isn't a crop top but then it isn't a long top its just the perfect length, (basically, it meets were your jeans stop which I really like the look of.)
2. White Jeggings
I think this is a necessity for spring because you tend to wear more bright colours in spring and I just think that white goes with everything especially with a pale colour top or even a dark top I personally still think it looks nice. I bought these for £7 on sale but they are like £11 in real life.
3. White Grey Striped Hoodie
I don't know where this is from but it us just a hoodie. It has a very thin material so its more like a kimono but a hoodie (if you know what I mean 😂.) When I wear it with this outfit I tie it round my waist. Firstly because I like the look of it, secondly incase it gets cold and thirdly because they are jeggings I don't want to be too revealing.
4. Lace-up White Pumps,r35397116035008
These are just simple white pumps which you just where with white jeggings. They are £3 and I love them alot because they are just a basic necessity to your wardrobe. 😊
So, I hope you have enjoyed my OOTD for today, I'm sorry for not uploading much but I'm gonna try and do one tomorrow.
Hope you have enjoyed this post,
Please comment down below, 👇
S xx 💖💗💘

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