Thursday, 2 June 2016

How to Style: Leather Jeans

I'm really sorry because I haven't blogged in a while but because I've been revising alot for tests which meant that I've been very busy. But, finally its all done. And I'm also sorry because I said I was going to do a 'Book Shelf Tour' but its been really hard to write and I think my explanations aren't very good. But if you want it then leave in the comments but I'm not sure it'll be good or interesting.
Sorry about all that but I'll try to get back into my usual blogging routine. But anyway, for todays post I'm doing a 'how to style' post. I thought of doing this because I've seen a few other fashion bloggers doing it and thought I give it a try. So....lets go! 😊
1. Chiffon Long Sleeved Top
I think it looks very nice to style a chiffon top with jeans because I think it looks very nice and sophisticated, especially if the top is white because it has a nice contrast and it creates a very nice minimalistic piece. I think generally the top should be quite a pale colour cause.. I don't know. To me I think it just looks really nice and effective. It would be nice to pair this with some red ballet flats to add a pop of colour and a nice big black tote.
2. Big Pink Oversized Coat
I think its very nice to wear a nice oversized coat with leather jeans because it looks really nice and simple but perfect. Because you've got dark jeans I think its nice to add that big pop of colour so that your got some colour in your outfit.
3. Oversized Cable Knit Jumper
I think its really nice to wear and oversized jumper. Especially if it was a roll neck. (they look so cool 👌) Also because cable knit is really nice pattern. Yet again a pale colour because they just contrast really well.
I hope you've enjoyed this post because I don't know if it was good or if I just rambled on quite a bit over the same point.
(Sorry I've just realised that these are more winter outfits 😂
Please leave in the comment is you have any preferences on future posts.
Talk to you next week for a new post,
S xx 💖💗💘
PS. I would just like to give out a quick shoutout to Isabelle Elli for commenting on one if our posts.