Sunday, 3 July 2016

My 5 Top Birthday Party Ideas

Now I'm REALLY REALLY sorry for not uploading recently but I've been super busy with school and my new time table and subjects so that's why I haven't uploading in a long time. For the next couple of weeks my posts are probably going to be a bit off topic because I'm going to be doing summer posts!
E.g Summer Ice Lolly Recipe, How to through the best summer garden party. Etc. And I'm also going to do some birthday themed posts because my birthday is in July! 😊 I'm probably going to do a Girls Birthday Guide and a What I got for My Birthday. But anyway, that kind of ties up with todays theme of todays post, 'My Top 5 Birthday Party Ideas'. Basically these are a round up of my favourite party ideas. 😊
1. Sleepover
Even though I'm no allowed to go to sleepovers 😭😭, when I did go to one I highly enjoyed it and it was EXTREMELY fun! Things which every successful sleepover must have is a movie (or TV on in background if you can't settle down), snacks (sweets, popcorn Cadburys and J20), some outdoor fun (a mini assault course e.g running through a sprinkler pulling a very 'sexy' pose 😂) a good game of truth or dare (a way to find out your friends deepest secrets or forcing them to do outrageous dares) and finally I awesome breakfast ( , waffles or pastries are my favourite 😊.)
2. Garden Party
This is a party which you'd invite lots of people out the into the gorgeous sunshine to really soak in the summer goodness. Personally for me I think decoration is key. Perfect pastel paper decorations, colour coordinated plates and cups and carefully placed blankets. I think you should do this at 3ish so that you can have a nice BBQ. This is when you can really question you DIY skills when you try to make really pretty decorations or starters or drinks. And finally an awesome summer playlist. ( I'm thinking of doing that next week so comment down below if you want to. 😊 )
3. House Party
This party is more suited for night time. Unlike the Garden party you'll invite lots of friends but have a good amount of space but with a house party you'll be more crammed up dancing showing you're "best" dance moves to the latest songs. For his party you don't need many decorations because its all dark and I think you clothes matter quite a lot. I would go to a house party in a simple but pretty LBD (skater or bodycon.)
4. Film Party
You can call this a film party but there are always those few people who just sit there chatting the whole time or taking so many selfies that you think the flashing of the light is going to make you go blind. I think there should always be popcorn and a pick 'n' mix, specifically foam bananas, teeth and bubblegum bottles because they are my FAVOURITE sweets... EVER!!!
5. Creams Party
I don't if this is only available in England but it's basically this dessert parlour. I really love going there because instead of it being all light it has a this cool nightclub vibe to it. I've only been there twice but am already in love with it. I think its nice to go there and then do some real damage to your debit card. 😂
Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed todays post, Please comment down below which idea was your favourite or if you had any other birthday ideas, Always happy to talk,
S xx 💖💗💘

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